miami dreaming

Photography by Moritz Lips.
Modelling by Marina Tränkel & Oliver Lips.
Written by Oliver Lips.
All outfits Diesel Spring / Summer 2017.

Probably one of the strongest statements from a campaign this season came from Diesel. We all know what or rather who the slogan «Make Love Not Walls» is aimed at. If last year has shown us anything it is that Brexit and the Trump presidency have sparked a huge political debate even among people who might not have been so politically interested or engaged before. We will of course see if it’s only words or if they are followed by actions. 

And even though it is a message that has been spread so often in the past, it still remains important: To finally see past genders, sexuality, nationality and religion and tear down the walls that still separate us and ultimately allow demagogues like Trump, Erdogan, Putin (and the list goes on and on) to rise to power.