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Lips Brothers - Archive is a high quality blog about menswear, travel and photography created by the Swiss and Danish brothers Oliver & Moritz Lips.


All pictures by Moritz Lips.

All pictures by Moritz Lips.

On Sunday I was wearing my beloved new pants from Kenzo. I am madly in love with printed pants for this season - just wear a simple (t-)shirt and your outfit is done. I wanted some sort of American feeling when looking at the pictures so we drove to this deserted car park to shoot the outfit. Although our MINI might be a bit impractical considering I measure 1.91m and Moritz a bit less, we still love this car! It's great when driving in the city, because it's not too big. It looks pretty damn cool (of course also supported by the red color we chose) and it's a cabriolet - you just gotta love a cabriolet in summer!

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