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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Days Zurich 2014

At this years Mercedes-Benz Fashion Days Zurich I was able to walk for five designers, wearing six outfits. For me it all started on Thursday evening during the annabelle Award where I walked for Nitya Unju Park (remember this shooting I did with her?) and Tosca Wyss.

I really enjoyed the diversity of outfits on Friday during "La Notte Italiana", from very casual at Studio Pretzel to rock'n'roll at Di Liborio and the purple-pimp-elegance suit at CoSTUME NATIONAL - which one's your favorite? 😉

It was once again a great event and I cannot wait for the 2015 edition! 😄

Check out the post from last year.

 CoSTUME NATIONAL (watch the video)

CoSTUME NATIONAL (watch the video)

 Di Liborio

Di Liborio

 Nitya Unju Park ( watch the video ) | Photo:  Bon

Nitya Unju Park (watch the video) | Photo: Bon

 Tosca Wyss ( watch the video ) | Photo:  Bon

Tosca Wyss (watch the video) | Photo: Bon

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