Lips Brothers

Lips Brothers - Archive is a high quality blog about menswear, travel and photography created by the Swiss and Danish brothers Oliver & Moritz Lips.


Photography by Moritz Lips.

While driving to the Kempinski hotel some weeks ago we passed this water reservoir that was the perfect backdrop for this casual yet elegant look. To me it is always a bit of a challenge to dress elegantly when there are high temperatures outside. Luckily St. Moritz is on an altitude of over 1'800 meters above sea level and therefore a couple of degrees colder than Zurich, which allowed me to wear one of my favorite sweaters for this summer! I have a tiny obsession with white lately and while browsing at the Calvin Klein store in Amsterdam two months ago I found this sweater - it was love at first sight! 😍

On other news Moritz and I are facing a week full of photo shoots for some upcoming, exciting projects that I cannot wait to tell you more about or rather show you the pictures.

That's all for now, have a great week folks! 👍🏼