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Lips Brothers - Oman Travel Diary

Visual travel diary from Oman. #LipsBrothersOman

Oman | عمان

Photography by Moritz Lips
December 2015

We spent a short three days discovering as much as possible in and around Muscat. The country that only some 45 years ago didn’t have much more than 10km of paved road, two schools and two hospitals is now a flourishing country on the Arabian peninsula, which despite its fast development didn’t lose all of its traditional charm.

During our stay we managed to visit some of Muscat's key attractions such as the Royal Opera House, the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, the old town of Mutrah, famous for its fish market and Souq and the Wadi Shab, one of Oman’s many valleys. Today’s Oman is quite inaccessible by foot which is why we highly recommend to rent a car, as there is no public transportation and cabs are quite pricey. We have always experienced the locals as very friendly and helpful. Don't shy back from asking for directions or recommendations!

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