Lips Brothers

Fai Parte della Famiglia

Immerse yourself in the mobster underworld and become a part of La Famiglia, as you learn more about the Gillette Shave Club.

Fai Parte della Famiglia

Art Direction, Photography & Styling by the Lips Brothers

Written by Oliver Lips

I’m sure we all every now and then sympathize with a character or storyline of a movie / series no matter how evil or wrong. One of those times was a couple of weeks ago when I re-watched Martin Scorsese’s “Goodfellas”. I thought to myself “Yeah, sure they are ruthless and more than once use violence to get what they want, but wouldn’t it be cool to join the ranks of these mobsters, even just for a while?” 

When it comes to the mafia it isn’t just a horde of violent men – they do their business with such charm and style that you almost forget they’re criminals. Their appearances already impose a certain respect in their perfectly fitted suits, the chic shoes and matching sunglasses as well as the slicked back hair and well-groomed faces. 

For one afternoon Moritz, our friend Lanny and I joined the clan and became part of La Famiglia. Sitting in an original 1960’s Mercedes-Benz we created a mafia-inspired story for the newly launched Gillette Shave Club. Unlike the mafia there is no dubious admission process in order to join the club. You simply sign up, choose the type of blade and in what cycle you want your blades delivered. Of course you’ll also receive updates on special promotions and helpful shaving tips – perhaps you remember the video we created last year? And most importantly you’ll never run out of blades again.


This post was created in collaboration with Gillette and contains sponsored content. All opinions are our own.