Lips Brothers

Punggol Fields

May 2017, an editorial shot by Juju out in Punggol, Singapore with the Lips Brothers.


Punggol Fields

Art Direction, Photography & Styling by Juju.


Written by Oliver Lips.


The more I travel, the more I realize that we’re all more alike than we think. Despite thousands of miles parting us, different familial backgrounds and surroundings, maybe even other languages spoken, the core themes still remain the same: Who am I? What am I doing? And where do I want to go? I guess coming-of-age is never easy, no matter where you are. I love talking to people around our age, compare lives in Zurich to a life in Singapore, Hong Kong, or Melbourne and within differences see similarities.

It is within these moments that I consider globalization as something positive. That despite so much hatred, distrust and stigma in this world, there is a new generation with a global consciousness on the rise.

A feeling I had when we were shooting this story with Juju out in Punggol, Singapore back in May. A field that could’ve been anywhere, completely detached, simply a place where four creatives decided to come together for this shooting.


Hair & Make-Up by @wtfidelia