Lips Brothers


The Lips Brothers, Moritz and Oliver, are a creative duo based in Zurich, Switzerland | Photography, Film & Art Direction


All pictures by Moritz Lips.

All pictures by Moritz Lips.

Me, my brother and some friends spent some beautiful days in Zermatt - the place with the most iconic mountain of Switzerland: the Matterhorn.

The place: We took those pictures on the Sunegga paradise and had some lunch at the Chez Vrony - a cozy place where you can sit outside, get some sun, enjoy your lunch and look at the Matterhorn. Another restaurant I can totally recommend to you is the Myoko. A Japanese restaurant in the middle of Switzerland's mountains is indeed an odd idea, but the food there is so delicious and you can sit around the Teppanyaki grill and let yourself enchant by the amazing skills of the cook. After dinner we often went to the Hotel Post. With their five bars & clubs and four restaurants you will definitively find something amongst them! Another great place is the Vernissage - a stylish place which is cinema, bar, club, restaurant and hotel at the same time.
These are my recommendations if you ever happen to be in Zermatt, but be aware that without a reservation it's hard to get a table (sadly we had to make this experience more than once).

The look: When I saw this amazing shirt by H&M which is obviously copying the SS 2013 shirts of Burberry I felt lucky, because it would only cost me one tenth of the prize at Burberry. Anyway this shirt was the perfect inappropriate shirt for the mountains, but I wanted to wear it as our 'set' was THE place to take pictures of it - shiny like the snow!

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