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The Lips Brothers, Moritz and Oliver, are a creative duo based in Zurich, Switzerland | Photography, Film & Art Direction

Visiting Prague

All pictures by Moritz Lips.

All pictures by Moritz Lips.

It is nearly one week ago since we came back from Prague, but the feeling I had there remains the same while I look at those pictures. Our trip began on a friday morning departing with a propeller-driven airplane of Czech Airlines (a true experience). We stayed at the Hotel Kings Court for three nights. It's nothing special, but it's located in the center of the old town and you have all the comforts of a European standard hotel. As we took an early flight we had nearly the whole Friday to walk through Prague and get our first impressions. In the evening we had dinner at the Klub architektů (located in a basement like a lot of restaurants in Prague) and some drinks at the Bugsy's Bar. A funny fact is that you can smoke in nearly every restaurant and bar in Prague. What has been forbidden since 2010 here in Switzerland is still allowed there. And to be honest I do not like to dine while someone is smoking right next to me, but in a bar I think it's cozier when you are allowed to do so.

On Saturday we weren't fortunate with the weather - it was raining a lot, so we made this our shopping day. In the evening we met up with some friends at Kampa Park restaurant a really nice place with a view of the Moldau. After dinner we went to the biggest club in Europe with 4 floors the Karlovy Lazne. I can only say that it is in terribly need of renovation and that the 3rd floor smelled like somebody vomited. Getting out of this dump we entered the Hemingway Bar. It has a touch of cuban atmosphere and the drinks are being served so delightfully - the bartenders know their trade. Definitively recommendable. So while we all got our Hemingway's New Fashioned we decided to go to the Duplex club, where Mick Jagger celebrated his 60th birthday. It all ended with a walk back to our hotels while the sun was about to come up.

Sunday around lunch time (that's when I got up), the sun was up. We missed breakfast at our hotel so we decided to go to the Café Louvre of which I had heard so many good things. And indeed it was good, a perfect insight into the old Prague, it looked like time stood still in there… After our Hangover-brunch we took a long walk through the gorgeous park over to Prague Castle where we took the pictures for my first outfit shot in Prague. Pasta Fresca was our stop in the evening, delicious home made pasta and afterwards an Absinthe at the Hemingway Bar. As it was our last night in Prague I couldn't help myself but to wander through all the streets and small alleys looking up at those wonderful buildings and soaking up the spirit of this city. A perfect ending to a perfect day...

Monday, the day of departure. We were lucky that our flight went in the evening so we had the whole day to see some more things, but still the feeling of "leaving"  was there.

Prague is definitively a city I can recommend to all of you. For those who love to see cultural things as well as going out in the evening this city is perfect. The prices are absolutely reasonable (especially for people living in Switzerland) and there is just something magical about this city. Enjoy the following pictures.