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The Lips Brothers, Moritz and Oliver, are a creative duo based in Zurich, Switzerland | Photography, Film & Art Direction

A fragrance of summer


As summer is slowly approaching I thought I might introduce you to my favorite summer perfumes. I only wear perfumes that aren't too heavy, sweet and aggressive. Sometimes I smell perfumes that give me headache straight away.


Bleu de Chanel

This is not the first bottle I bought, I already perished two or three bottles before. It has a very fresh, light and masculine scent. This is how the perfume is described by Chanel.

ACT 1 - Freshness: A spirited burst of freshness ripples across the skin. A sense of liberating well-being is released. 
- Citrus accord, Vetiver, Pink pepper.

ACT 2 - Energy: A rush of explosive energy galvanises the senses. The taste for action is electrifying. A positive current of vitality takes over. 
- Grapefruit, Dry Cedar notes, Labdanum.

ACT 3 - The senses: The body gains an untouchable confidence, embracing a masculinity that is enigmatic, irresistible, impenetrable.
 - Frankincense, Ginger, Sandalwood.

Maybe you do also remember the video campaign directed by Martin Scorsese starring Gaspard Ulliel?

Platinum Égoïste, Chanel

The first time I smelled this perfume was back in 2010 while I was in London and it hit me hard; I immediately fell in love with this fragrance. So many people afterwards asked me which perfume this was, it's really delightful and fresh! This is how the perfume is described by Chanel.

 A brilliant composition, expressing energy, light and virility, with the warmth of exotic woods.

L'eau d'Issey pour homme, Issey Miyake

L'eau d'Issey is a very timeless and elegant perfume for men. It has a fresh scent of citrus and is perfect for summer. 

Bottled Night, Hugo Boss

This fragrance was gifted me and my brother during our visit to the Baselword in the end of April. I am glad we got it as it is very light and masculine. Here is the description by Hugo Boss .

BOSS BOTTLED. NIGHT. is the seductive and supremely masculine scent from BOSS that prepares the BOSS man to conquer the night. With its intense, woody spicy notes it is destined to be the secret weapon in the armoury of seduction. Infusing the confidence for an irresistible night.

TOP NOTE: Bitter birch leaves, Aromatic lavender, Citric lemon leaves

HEART NOTE: Cardamom, Jasmine, African violet

BASE NOTE: Musky louro amarelo, Vanilla, Sandalwood


Trussardi Uomo

This is the heaviest of all perfumes I presented to you, and not really a summer fragrance, but I love the bottle! And despite it not being a summer fragrance it's an amazing perfume and it smells really good. Here is the description by Trussardi

The new Trussardi Uomo perfume pays tribute to the most successful fragrance in the history of the brand. Its notes are inspired by leather and Italianity: lemon, bergamot, galbanum, violet, geranium, salvia sclarea, musk, leather, and patchouli. Trussardi Uomo is the quintessence of refined masculinity.

Now you know how I smell(!) - I hope you liked my five proposals, as it is really hard to describe a perfume! I guess they are all very timeless and masculine, so check them out the next time you find yourself in a perfumery and leave a comment below telling me if you liked this post or not? I want all the details.