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Evolving is always a good thing. After several years of "traditional" blogging, we wanted to refocus and put more time and effort into our photography and projects. You will only find selected shootings from the past in our Stories.

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PFW Men's Spring/Summer 2014

Picture sources:, GoRunway, Louis Vuitton.

Picture sources:, GoRunway, Louis Vuitton.

It is crazy to see the collections for next year when summer hasn't even fully arrived here in Switzerland! I didn't see all the shows, but here are some of my favorites. You can find all the fashion shows from Paris here. And despite the picture above the Louis Vuitton show will follow in another post.


THE GIVENCHY TRIBE  Imagine yourself being in the year 2100, civilization is extinct and we are living in tribes again. Creative director de la maison de Givenchy, Riccardo Tisci, took us to a future with modern Native Americans wrapped in colorful clothing, with war paint on their faces and driven by drumbeats. Dramatic, I know...

I guess ever since the hype of Givenchy you either love it or hate it. In my case I love it! It is one of the most versatile fashion houses, you can never expect anything and have to throw yourself into it.

FLOWER POWER  Phillip Lim showed a very cool, layed-back and colorful collection for next summer, which is perfect for your holidays. He was inspired by all kinds of tourists, noticeable as some looks are for a beach trip and others more for a summer in the city . The turban is definitively the greatest accessory of the collection, something different to normal caps and hats, but also the oversize beach bags with special towel holders are eye-catchers. 

KENZO  Away from (too?) colorful collections of the past, Carol Lim and Humberto Leon decided to take it easy and go for white, blue and black as main colors. Not only do they take it easy color-wise, but also the cuts of the clothing got a bit looser. Nonetheless are there some great prints and the silhouettes they created sure are interesting.

RACK CITY BITCH  When I saw Alexander Wang's SS2014 collection I couldn't help myself but to think of this song. Very New York-ish, cool and describable with only one word: Gansta. I loved the leather details as well as the nearly completely black&white outfits.

BALLINCIAGA  Away from the streets of New York and into the noble quarters of Paris (Alexander Wang handles it all). The clean designs are truly amazing, timeless and stylish. It is a mix of textiles, but not a mix of colors - the garments are mainly held in black, grey and white with some blue exceptions.

 WORLD TRAVELER  There is no doubt that Haider Ackermann's inspiration for this collection comes from the influences he had in his childhood. Born in Bogotá, Colombia in 1971, he was adopted at the age of nine months by a French Alsatian family. He spent his childhood in EthiopiaChadAlgeria and France before the family moved to the Netherlands. My mother always sais that you notice when you are speaking to someone who traveled a lot in his life, the angles are much wider open. If you look at these men (they all seem to be European) with their tattoo-covered bodies, wrapped in fine Chinese silk I think that the label World Traveler is the right one. Tattoos mostly tell a story, maybe it's the story of a travel far east?