Lips Brothers


The Lips Brothers, Moritz and Oliver, are a creative duo based in Zurich, Switzerland | Photography, Film & Art Direction

Pelikamo x lips2lagerfeld, part II


Photography by Moritz Lips. 

The story continues: After the arrival at the hotel it is time to explore the city. Strolling around, searching for nice places to see, eat and shop I end up in the Pelikamo store. You feel immediately comfortable surrounded by simple, chic and 50's inspired furnish with Jazz music playing in the background and the nice & professional salespersons. After having a look at the newest collection of blazers, sweaters, pants, shoes, accessories and a quick look into the books on the coffee table I leave right before the sun sets. Time to get a drink...

 -shop all the clothes in store: Pelikanstrasse 11, 8001 Zurich-