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What to get for Christmas this year?

In exactly 18 days it's already Christmas Eve. I thought I might give you some ideas on what to gift your loved ones without going nuts or buying them 6 hours in advance. Tell me what you think of those Christmas gift ideas by leaving a comment at the end! Yay or nay?

PS: As we all grow older (and hopefully wiser) we kind of understand the true meaning of Christmas and that it certainly isn't material. Basically what you are expressing by making a present to someone is your gratitude and appreciation for being there. Always bear that in mind.


I want to start off by the amazing collaboration between Danish brand Soulland and Babar. I don't know if this children's book is still up-to-date, but I certainly read it when I was young! I think the idea is so cute & great, so this sweater is definitively going on my wish-list. Pure Nostalgia.

You can buy the sweaters directly at the Soulland online shop. Click to purchase the grey or navy. € 110.00.-

Let's be honest, it's a pain carrying your DSLR camera to every event as it's just too big. Luckily with the Samsung NX300 those days are over! You still get amazing quality pictures and are able to take this camera with you no matter the occasion: travel, event, open air, etc.

Samsung NX300, £ 483.00.- and Samsung camera bag, £ 67.00.- (both via amazon)

I recently discovered this great website called Made in the Isles which basically sums up all the products made in the UK & British Isles. You can click here to see more gift ideas.

In one of the latest issues of Bolero Magazin I saw those amazing POC ski goggles and had to inform myself about them! They are super stylish and you will definitively draw the attention on the slopes. Now unfortunately I cannot seem to find the exact ski goggles as seen in the pictures beneath, but you can shop similar ones here. SEK 1'500.- to 1'800.- (available in different colors)

Speaking of accessories: I found those extremely stylish driver gloves from Dents. Every man should own a pair of driver gloves, you will instantly look as cool as Ryan Gosling in Drive, I swear. Matching the gloves is this plaid scarf in midnight blue with red elements.

Here is a collection of items that might be suitable as presents as well.

Ever since my second last post you ought to love American Psycho as well. Therefore I chose those three super cool iPhone cases. Society 6 also offers other amazing iPhone cases you might like.

from left to right:

Last but not least how about the good old books, TV series or movies? Everything I listed below are books, TV series and movies I've read/seen and that I definitively recommend you to read/see! I know what I am putting you through if you decide yourself to read Anna Karenina or War and Peace - massive books (page-wise) yet beautifully written and definitively classics you should have read. As I am not sure if some of you already started watching Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead and/or Mad Men I only listed the seasons 1. All four of them are amongst my favorite TV series, so watch them! The Place Beyond The Pines is an amazing two-part drama starring Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper, directed by Derek Cianfrance. Moonrise Kingdom on the other hand is a fantastically filmed and super fun art work by Wes Anderson starring Bruce Willis, Edward Norton, and Bill Murray.

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