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The Lips Brothers, Moritz and Oliver, are a creative duo based in Zurich, Switzerland | Photography, Film & Art Direction

Hello Auckland!


Photography and editing by Moritz Lips.

In celebration of Moritz' 20th birthday today we thought we'd take you half around the globe (depending on where you live of course) to see what he has been up to? Moritz arrived last week on Wednesday in Auckland, New Zealand where he will be staying the next couple of months. From what I've heard through our various Skype-conversations he is doing great down there and has been exploring the city of Auckland as well as it's outskirts. While it's still winter here in Europe he has been enjoying some warm summer weather as it is slowly transitioning to fall... During his stay in New Zealand he will also be visiting Wellington and Chirstchurch as well as The Lord of the Ring sceneries (!!), but if you know something he absolutely has to see go ahead and write a comment below! Also make sure to follow him on Instagram (@moritzlips) for live updates as I have forced him to publish at least a picture a day ;)

So once more HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the best brother (and photographer) I could've ever thought of!

PS: If you know someone in Auckland who wants to sell his / her car, write him an e-mail: He's looking for one in order to cruise around the island.

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