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The Lips Brothers, Moritz and Oliver, are a creative duo based in Zurich, Switzerland | Photography, Film & Art Direction


Evolving is always a good thing. After several years of "traditional" blogging, we wanted to refocus and put more time and effort into our photography and projects. You will only find selected shootings from the past in our Stories.

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Photography and editing by Andrea Monica Hug.

I have been on Koh Samui, Thailand for over a week now - and will stay another week - and it's really really beautiful! Though it hasn't been a rough winter this year in Switzerland, a sunny escape feels extremely good. I will upload a bunch pictures on Monday to keep you on track of our adventures here, meanwhile I invite you to follow me on Instagram (@lips2lagerfeld) or Twitter (@oliverlips).

Andrea and I have been shooting this look a few weeks back on a gloomy yet sunny Saturday afternoon near Zurich main station. I felt like dressing it down a little bit, wearing my favorite Uniqlo flannel shirt and Scotch & Soda leather jacket. I love the green touch in this look and the pattern mix of the scarf, shirt and leather jacket!

I wish you all a fantastic and sunny weekend! See you :)

I am wearing:

Scotch & Soda leather jacket (similar here)
Uniqlo shirt
Selected Homme pants
Melvin & Hamilton boots
Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses
Yves scarf
Mujjo leather crochet touch screen gloves
Bernard James ID bracelet

What about this fabric and pattern mix?

Christmas gift from my mum, because I'm a heavy drinker, lol. At least it has my name on it! I have been obsessed with personalizing my stuff lately, it's so elegant.

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