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adidas Energy Boost 2.0

Photography and editing by Shermin T.

I have to admit that back in my teenage years I wasn't very fond of sports and a lot of times I would skip gym class. It was probably the fact that I was a lazy-ass, but I believe that it also has something to do with the equipment. For all the sports we had in school I wore the same pair of sneakers; for football, basketball, gymnastics, running, etc. etc. When I first learned more about adidas I saw that there were a ton of different types of shoes, specified for all the sporting activities mentioned above.

Last week I was introduced to the newest version of the adidas Energy Boost, which had first appeared in February 2013. In collaboration with the chemical company BASF they developed the BOOST foam cushioning that returns more energy than any other foam cushioning in the running industry. The secret lies in the thousands of energy capsules, which - to me at least - look like styrofoam. Indeed that all sounds very good, but the best way to test this new high-tech sneaker is to make yourself the "guinea pig". That's why adidas had gathered a few bloggers and other people from the press to try the adidas Energy Boost. We received a whole bag with running clothes, specially designed for the launch of the new Energy Boost shoe. The boys' outfit looked like mine and the girls were dressed in an orange / blue look. In the end 20 people, fully dressed in adidas, ran through the town of Winterthur. It was a 4 km run and boy oh boy did the people stare at us... Nonetheless it was a great run, not too exhausting as I had expected in the beginning, and a fantastic way to test the adidas Energy Boost 2.0!

Over the past few years my attitude towards sports completely changed and it became important to me. The consequences of "Genereation McDonald's" have become more visible than ever... Not only are children getting fatter and fatter at a younger age, but also the rest of the modern civilization moves towards obesity. Luckily there is a huge trend for a healthy lifestyle, which includes sports and our nutrition. Previous to the run through Winterthur we were given some tips on how to run the right way, to do a proper warm up and end our running session by stretching. Running is a perfect example of a sport where you can observe your improvements. One day you'll run further in shorter time and it'll be less exhausting for you. And with the right running equipment you definitely double the fun factor! I have already used my new gear several times since the event and whether it was on the running track, on the road or in the forest the shoe performed excellent.

To conclude my text from the beginning I believe it has a major impact if your gear is professional and custom-made to the sport you're doing or if you just use the same pair of sneakers / clothing for every sport. Not only will it enhance your performance, but you will also feel better and more prepared to reach the goal you've set yourself!

To learn more about the adidas Energy Boost 2.0 click here.

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