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Kavinsky x Surface to Air

Kavinsky and the French label Surface to Air have worked together on a limited edition Varsity Jacket to celebrate his debut album OutRun. The jacket is available from today on, exclusively on and!

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Kavinsky reached fame after his song Nightcall had appeared in Nicolas Winding Refn's DRIVE. I was lucky enough to see him perform live at the Digital Maag in the beginning of February, I even touched his hand that evening - haven't washed it ever since.. Read below the interview between Kavinsky and HIGHSNOBIETY:

How did the collaboration come about?

I’ve known the S2A team for years. Surface to Air Studio, more particularly Charlotte Delarue, did my album OutRun‘s artwork and cover. So the idea of a collaboration came up pretty naturally.

Why did you decide to collaborate on a varsity jacket?

I guess it’s because that’s the aesthetics I like. I’m a lot into the ’80s and the varsity jacket is a classic piece I love to wear. My avatar wears one in my album artwork as well.

What materials did you use?

It’s made of leather for the sleeves, wool with a bit of cashmere for the body – but I’m probably not very accurate. Also, the “K” and the “Kavinsky” logo are in full embroidery on the chest and on the back.

What is the idea behind the design?

The idea was to stick to my imagery and to my character – to create a jacket that could symbolize my album OutRun as well as myself.

How do you integrate fashion into your live shows and your musical persona?

I don’t really. I mean as I said earlier, I’m a big collector of anything from the ’80s; from Jaws to The Goonies and Back to the Future. I love the aesthetics and the clothing from that time. I collect sneakers, t-shirts, watches. It’s just who I am, I don’t really make any effort to integrate fashion in my persona, I always dress the same way.

Can we expect more collaborations from Kavinsky and Surface to Air in the future?

That experience was great so who knows? Yes…

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