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The Lips Brothers, Moritz and Oliver, are a creative duo based in Zurich, Switzerland | Photography, Film & Art Direction

Modern Dandy

Modern Dandy_01.jpg

Photography and editing by Shermin T.

The inspiration for this shooting lies far back in time when Dandies ruled the world and a certain elegance and coolness was a daily occurrence. Have we lost it? Has being comfortable overcome being elegant? Or is it just the simple fact that we are able to switch in between these two. I for sure value a comfortable and stylish sneaker when you're on the go the whole day, but every once in a while I just need to dress up, even if it's Sunday and you're supposed to relax.

The point is that today we can choose to be whoever we want to be by expressing it through fashion. Said day I was dressed dandy-esque with a modern twist. It has something to do with the color of the clothes, with the cut of the pants, with the brown-ish accessories, with the mood of the shooting and with the never-ending coolness of smoking a cigarette. Where is my gang to complete the scenery?

Wearing a Scotch & Soda Spring 2014 total look. Store: Rämistrasse 6, 8001 Zürich.

I am wearing:

Scotch & Soda Spring 2014 bomber jacket, polka dot shirt, pants
Navyboot brogues (similar here and here)
VIU sunglasses
Swatch "Leblon" watch

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