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My Morning Routine

Opening my bathroom door to reveal intimate details! Not that intimate of course..

Opening my bathroom door to reveal intimate details! Not that intimate of course..

All photos taken with the Samsung NX300.

Believe it, or not, but I have had some severe skin problems in my teenage years. Acne (not the brand unfortunately) on my face, chest and back that only could be treated with pills I had to take in over a year. When I stopped the treatment I was afraid that it would come back, but so far it didn't. Not that I did not not care before with what I ate and what kind of products I used for my skin, but ever since I got 'healed' I do care more about it. You often hear that the skin is the mirror to your inner self, so if you would have blemishes you're not feeling good on the inside as well. For example when we're stressed we tend to get pimples, so I guess there is a certain truth behind this statement. Healthy nutrition, plenty of water, sun-protection, the right products and the eschewal of alcohol and cigarets (I'm a preacher and sinner at the same time) of course decrease the risk of skin blemishes.

So since I often get complimented about my skin I thought I might share some of the products I use:

Whenever I have to shave, which, for obvious reasons, isn't every morning, I use Vichy Homme's shaving foam and the Gillette Fusion Proglide Silvertouch razor. I know that a lot of men have irritations after shaving, which I lucky never had, but I really like this razor, because it's a smooth and easy glide. I tried other razors before that gave me the feeling of ripping off the hairs instead of cutting them gently.

On a daily basis I wash my face with Vichy Homme's cleansing gel. During my acne-years I tried a lot of different cleansing gel's, but they all seemed so strong, like it was a peeling. This one on the other hand is really smooth so I'm not afraid it'll damage my skin, because of over-use.

PS (this time it stands for 'post shower'): Have you noticed how long my hair grew, incredible right?



Overwhelmed by the choices of aftershaves, moisturizers and cremes? So was I, but I guess it takes time to discover your favorite beauty products. Here are mine I use for quite some time now and have had good experiences with: After shaving I apply the after shave balm by Declaré, a Swiss skin care company, on normal days Vichy Homme's hydrating fluid and when in doubt, because of skin blemishes or after too little sleep, I use Lab Series BB cream with SPF 35.

Presenting the products like a pro! Anyone wanna see me on TV?

Last but not least getting that aftershave on my face in a dramatic and over-exaggerating gesture. Since my beard growth is kind of ridiculous I would shave the evening before so my skin can get some rest during the night and isn't as irritated as when you're shaving in the morning. I know that doesn't work for all of us out there, so it's up to you guys!

Now that you've all seen my puffy eyes and know my morning routine, what are your beauty products and tips? Share them in the comments below!

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