Lips Brothers


The Lips Brothers, Moritz and Oliver, are a creative duo based in Zurich, Switzerland | Photography, Film & Art Direction

Clear Lines

Photography by Moritz Lips.

Being in Italy always reminds me of how stylish people there dress. I wouldn't describe the Swiss as unstylish, but standing out is mostly not considered cool, you have to blend in. So when I walk along the streets of Milan or some other major Italian city I notice a lot more stylishly dressed people. Being the coutry of origin to so many known fashion labels undoubtedly left a mark on its people. Even bankers dare more in relation to how they are wearing their suits. In the end a suit can be worn in so many different ways and not just the common one with a shirt, tie and lace-up shoes.

We teamed up with Z Zegna to show you two looks from their F/W 2015 collection and this first outfit is all about clear lines and simplicity. No details, only a turtleneck sweater, suit, jacket and a pair of sneakers.
The key piece of this look has to be the «Icon Warmer» - a jacket with integrated warming pats that'll accompany you from the beginning of autumn to the cold winter. A look that is totally wearable from day to night and from office to running errands.