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Christmas Gift Guide


Believe it or not, but yet another Christmas is just around the corner! It doesn't feel like one year has already passed since I flew to New Zealand to travel around the South Island with Moritz and our friend Julian. Last year we spent Christmas at the beach in Wellington with 25 degrees and sunshine. The downside was that I had absolutely no Christmas spirit! And even though Christmas is thrown at you everywhere you look, it is still a pretty cozy time of the year. All the lights, the good smells of tangerines, chestnuts, cinnamon and fire wood and hopefully some snow should work their magic this year.

Another way to lift your Christmas spirit is thinking about the perfect gift for your loved ones. I'm not saying that gifts have to be materialistic per se, there are definitively other ways to show appreciation and gratitude for a person that is important to you! Nonetheless we all like to receive a present every now and then and for this occasion Moritz and I have put together a small list of 10 gifts - please enjoy!

Monogrammed Scarves

Next to Burberry's trench coats, their scarves are probably one of the most famous items of the British fashion house. At their Scarf Bar you are able to choose from a wide range of different scarves and as an icing on the cake you can personalize them. Type in the initials of your presentee, choose the thread colour and monogram size and you're good to go!


Four men. One family. A reunion. For Christmas Zegna has come up with a cool story about a family that comes together for the holidays. The three sons (a banker, an entrepreneur and a PhD) come home to their father (a former lawyer). And even though each of their paths may go in different directions, they all share the same values and look for the finer things in life: Discover their personalized wish lists here.

Calfskin Pentagon Backpack from the PhD's wishlist.


It's simple, but effective and you can never go wrong with it: a fine bottle of champagne is something everyone enjoys (unless you don't drink, of course). The Ruinart Rosé is a perfect way of saying «thank you».

About: "Intense, fruity and aromatic, Ruinart Rosé owes its sensual elegance to the combination of Chardonnay (45%), mainly from the Chardonnay Premiers Crus of the Côte des Blancs, and Pinot Noir from the Montagne de Reims and Vallée de la Marne, made into red wine."


Who wouldn't fancy a cool keychain? Especially when it's Prada! They have come up with a couple of classic, vehicle- & travel-inspired keychains that will not only make every car fan's heart beat faster, but also everyone elses. Also check out a bunch of other cool Prada Christmas gifts right here.

Office Accessories

Truth be told: the Lips Brothers office desk is a mess most of the time! Paper, press kits, photo stuff, cell phones, tablets and computers all somehow find their place. Mostly on the weekends I take my time and tidy up the desk even though it'll look messy again on Monday evening. Perhaps it's because we don't have such chic office accessories to show like these from Graf von Faber-Castell. Admittedly it might not be interesting for our age yet, but I believe it's a great present your grandparents or partens will enjoy.

Photo by David Biedert.

Photo by David Biedert.


This year the Widder Hotel celebrates its 20th anniversary. For the occasion they have teamed up with the Arran Distillery in Scotland to create a special 51%-strong Single Malt Whisky. It is limited to only 345 bottles and originates from barrel no. 37 that was produced in the first months after the opening of the distillery, also 20 years ago. Moritz and I got the chance to taste the whisky last week during the presentation and though it is strong the taste is just fantastic! It is sold exclusively at the Widder Bar in Zurich.


In the past two years smart watches have come up everywhere, even renowned watchmakers advanced into the fields of smart watches. As did Frederique Constant with their Horolocial Smartwatch. To me it is one of the chicest out there, as I like the fact that it looks like a classic watch, but with the fuctions of a smart watch.

About: "In connection with its Silicon Valley Technology Partner Fullpower, the Horological Smartwatch; a luxury Swiss timepiece with connected functionality. It possesses the precise style and finesse of a classical luxury watch, added to its ability of recording activity and sleep. Fullpower’s end-to-end MotionX technology is meticulously integrated into the Frederique Constant Smart watches, being an intrinsic part of it; they are now combining a luxury timepiece with connected MotionX technology".

Photo Equipment Backpack

Every blog and fashion photographer knows that the average camera bags tend not to be the best looking ones. Well thanks to cool designs like this Bolton Street Backpack from ONA Bags, you’ll have a stylish backpack that still has plenty of space to store and protect all your expensive equipment. A perfect gift any of your photographer friends would surely appreciate!

Coffee Table

It may be a bit hard to wrap this table, but it would be worth while! A piece of furniture, especially a coffee table (or lamp for that matter) is something that finds a place in almost everyones home. I find these colourful Portello coffee tables from Leolux fun, original and perfect for young and old.

Available in Switzerland at Wohnen Möbel & Design.


Now that you've got the coffee table the only thing missing is the coffee itself, luckily Nespresso presented their Variations 2015 Limited Edition for Christmas. Three different coffees with some Christmassy notes such as amaretti, orange, ginger or cardamom. Together with the coffees they also created three delicious recipes that I have listed down below. Enjoy making & tasting them!

Sweet Vanilla Amaretti Latte

2 Vanilla Amaretti capsules
1 cl honey
Almond milk
Flaked almonds
1 Ritual Recipe Glass
1 Aeroccino or milk frother

Put the honey into the glass. Prepare some milk froth, by pouring the milk and the almond milk into the Aeroccino or a milk frother, and pour over the honey. Then, add two Vanilla Amaretti Espressos (2 x 40 ml). Decorate with some almond flakes for a final touch of refinement.

Ciocco Ginger Viennois

2 Ciocco Ginger capsules
1 teaspoon bitter orange syrup
Chocolate sauce
5 cl ginger syrup
1 orange
1 Festive Lungo Pixie cup
0.5 L whipped cream canister

Put one teaspoon of bitter orange syrup into the cup, then add another teaspoon of chocolate sauce. Pour 2 Ciocco Ginger Espressos (2 x 40 ml). Mix the cream and the ginger syrup in the canister. Once the whipped cream is ready, put it on the top of the cup. Finally, decorate with some grated orange and chocolate sauce.

Vanilla Cardamom Lemonade

1 Vanilla Cardamom capsule
6 Cardamom seeds
1.5 cl fresh squeezed Lemon
2 cl liquified cane sugar
Crushed Ice
15 cl Sparkling water
1 Glas Ritual Recipe
1 Shaker

Crush the Cardamom seeds together with the lemon juice and cane sugar in a glass. Add crushed Ice and sparkling water to it. Put 1 Vanilla Cardamom Espresso (40 ml) with a bit ice into the shaker and shake it. Finally, pour the coffee into the glass.