Lips Brothers


The Lips Brothers, Moritz and Oliver, are a creative duo based in Zurich, Switzerland | Photography, Film & Art Direction

h.ear on

Photography by Moritz Lips. Written by Oliver Lips.

The purpose of headphones is that you can listen to your music where ever you go. But what if we go beyond the simple replay-device and see them more as a fashion accessory? I kind of like the idea of my headphones being an accessory, a part of my outfit – no matter the occasion. Together with Sony we have created three different looks to display the new Sony «h.ear on» headphones and hi-res Walkman.

In those stressful days where you rush around town with back-to-back meetings I love to put on my headphones, listen to my current favourites and just “turn off” for a couple of minutes, before it’s on to the next one.
For this look I envisioned something more businesslike: The dark and the white tones of this look with only a pop of colours by the headphones.


I try to go out for a run two to three times a week, but whenever I'm in the mood to listen to some music I struggle with stowing away the ever increasing size of smartphones.
Together with the «h.ear on» headphones Sony has come up with a Walkman that is able to play hi-res music files. I had never heard of that before, but as a matter of fact the sound is slightly clearer and finer - it's hard to describe though and you'll probably just have to listen to it yourself.


Whenever I travel I primary try to stay comfortable yet stylish. A leather jacket, a pair of stretchy jeans, a sweater and some sneakers will do the trick.
Not only am I seeking comfort in terms of clothing when traveling, but also when it comes to my headphones. For example on our 7-hours flight from Zurich to Muscat & back again when all we were left with while in the air was either reading, listening to music, watching movies or sleeping and at least two of them required headphones...

Apart from the high audio quality I really love the simple design and the matt colouring of the «h.ear on» headphones. It makes them look very modern, urban and stylish.

So, which colour of the three shown would you choose? Personally I'd go with the bluish green ones, because they look very elegant and can be just the right amount of colour your outfit needs. But definitively make sure to check out the other colours as well! And if you already own a pair of headphones you're satisfied with they might make for a good Christmas present, don't you think?

This post was created in collaboration with Sony. All opinions expressed are my own.