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The Lips Brothers, Moritz and Oliver, are a creative duo based in Zurich, Switzerland | Photography, Film & Art Direction

Spring Walks with Pedro

Photography by Moritz Lips. Written by Oliver Lips.

I think we've all felt it over the course of the past days that spring is around the corner. The first flowers have started to bloom and while the days got longer, they also got warmer.
Whilst on Lanzarote, Moritz and I had a first preview of those warm days above 20 degrees and it was also a perfect opportunity to partner up with the Singapore-based shoes & accessories brand Pedro for a second season. This time we got to shoot some of their amazing Spring / Summer 2016 collection that got us all excited for the new season. Discover below five stylish looks that are perfect for spring and summer!

Look 1.

When you opt for a floral printed piece in your look you might want to keep the rest rather monochromic, as it otherwise can look a bit too much. Also I feel like they should be left their space to unfold and truly play the eye-catching part in your look.

Wearing the casual floral espadrilles and carrying the floral double buckle messenger.


Look 2.

Spring and summer are all about wearing light and airy clothes. The lighter and brighter, the better. I loved to contrast this linen look with a chunkier pair of sneakers. Not only will they comfort you with warmth after the last ray of sunshine disappeared on a warm spring day, but it also breaks this airy look and keeps it down to earth, especially in this nude / earthy tone.

Wearing the Pedro low-cut sneakers.


Look 3.

I wore this look when we were on discovery at the Salinas de Janubio (biggest salt evaporation pond on the Canary Islands). A denim jacket, white tee, a pair of jeans and some firm leather sneakers. Let's face it, a shoe should be allowed to be used and get dirty. After our tour around this dry, sandy area I've got the impression that it would actually only make those sneakers look better if you wear them out.

Wearing the Pedro low-cut sneakers.


Look 4.

Horsebit loafers will always be your partner in crime: Whether for the office, a day spent running errands or a night out with your friends, they'll always complete your outfit with an understated elegance.

Wearing the Pedro horsebit penny loafers.


Look 5.

If summer had a colour what would it be? To me I think I'd be white. I know the snow is white in winter, but still summer is linked to two colours: blue for the sky and the ocean and white for the houses and the clothes you're wearing.
Though there are certain pro's and con's when wearing an all white look in summer:
Pro: It shields off the heat and especially with a darker tan makes you look like you're the ultimate beach boy (or girl of course).
Con: Everything you drink or eat is a possible threat to your look. So in the end all you're allowed to is drinking water. Looking good has a price after all...

PS: Did you notice it is Moritz that is on the pictures in this look?

Wearing the casual printed espadrilles and carrying the denim duffel bag.

Pedro  casual floral espadrilles ,  printed espadrilles  and denim duffel bag.

Pedro casual floral espadrilles, printed espadrilles and denim duffel bag.

This post was created in collaboration with Pedro.