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The Lips Brothers, Moritz and Oliver, are a creative duo based in Zurich, Switzerland | Photography, Film & Art Direction

An Urban Retreat amidst Singapore - the PARKROYAL on Pickering

Photography by Moritz Lips. Written by Oliver Lips.

A bit more than a week ago, Moritz and I embarked on our trip to Asia. We took the direct flight from Zurich to Singapore with Singapore Airlines and landed on Tuesday 6 AM sharp. A short cab-ride later we arrived at the PARKROYAL on Pickering.
You may have already seen it before in magazines or online, because the architecture is truly stunning. This 16 story building is hotel and garden in one featuring over 15’000 sqm of beautiful garden, waterfalls and planter walls. From the fifth floor you overlook dazzling Singapore, while dipping in the 32 meter long infinity pool. And when you look up you will see all kinds of flora planted on terraces around this undulating building that was inspired by the rice-paddy fields of Bali.

Ever since Moritz and I were able to see bits and parts of Asia (Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand) we have not only been fascinated by each country and city, but also by its locals and their respective cultures. So part of the reason for our travels is to connect our blog to the local fashion and blog industry in general. We would love to bridge our European heritage with the dashing and upcoming new cultures in Asia, as we both believe that they will become more and more important in global affairs and that they could be leading the way of what is going to happen in Europe and the US over the next decades.

So while we sat in our room on the 15th floor overlooking Singapore’s night skyline I couldn’t help but feel that it is a place I wanted to belong to. As much as I love Zurich, the city evolves at a snail’s pace. And while the Swiss still discuss if, where, when and how the Singaporeans probably already built 10 new residential and office towers. I don’t say that one of them is the wrong and the other the right way, obviously it all has advantages and disadvantages, but if I had to choose I’d rather try something new and fail than being too afraid to ever try it.

The mix between being futuristic, modern and forward thinking, while still remaining in touch with its heritage was actually quite noticeable and visible from the PARKROYAL on Pickering, as the hotel is a gateway of the Central Business District, Hong Lim Park (one of the first public parks in Singapore) and bustling Chinatown. It's like getting the best of three worlds: nature, cultural tradition and heritage as well as international businesses.

I may read too much into it, but being at this hotel and for the first time in Singapore, I really felt like you could get a good glimpse into the old and new world of this city state.

We were staying at Orchid Club Deluxe Room that also offers access to the Orchid Club Lounge on the 16th. Read more about it here.

The hotel opened in January 2013 and was designed by WOHA architects.


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