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6 Easy Steps to Achieve a Smoother Shave

Photography and film by Moritz Lips. Written by Oliver Lips.

For a couple of years already beards have been trendy, but every now and then a clean-shaven face feels good too – yes even with my scarce beard growth. Especially if you want a regular tan this summer, you ought to shave yourself in advance. Nonetheless I usually trim my beard instead of shaving it, because my skin is rather sensitive and I want to avoid skin irritations.
But with a few easy tips and tricks skin irritations can be prevented when wet shaving. In this tutorial I use the new Gillette ProShield Chill razor that thanks to the chill-technology not only has a cooling effect during your shave, but also comes with an extra lubrication strip before and after the blades. That way it will protect and nourish your skin and make the shaving even smoother.

Filmed on location at the Atlantis by Giardino Hotel Zurich on the Sony Alpha 7S II by Moritz Lips.
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Step 1. Start off by washing your face with warm water. It will open your pores and make for a better and easier shave.

Step 2. Apply shaving foam or gel to your face and gently rub it in.

Step 3. While you wait for the foam or gel to soak in, check if your blades are still intact. Blunt blades can lead to skin irritations or scratches.


Step 4. Shave with the grain. For the effect of an even cleaner shave you can also shave against it. Also don’t forget to rinse the razor regularly during your shave.

Step 5. Leave the part around your mouth and upper lip to the last so that the foam or gel will have enough time to work in. For the hard to reach parts around your mouth and under your nose, use the single blade on the back of the razor.

Step 6. Gently wash your face with cold water to close the pores again. Afterwards apply a non-alcoholic, moisturizing aftershave.

Another tip for guys with less strong beard growth like me: shave before going to bed. Your skin will be able to recover over night, while still being shaven the next day.

The extra lubrication strip really made it a smoother shave and left me with no skin irritations at all. I also really liked the single blade on the back – just flip the razor over and you’ll easily be able to precisely shave under your nose, around your mouth or along the jawline.

The cooling effect also gives you that extra kick in the morning – perfect to face the daily challenges!

This post was created in collaboration with Gillette.