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The Lips Brothers, Moritz and Oliver, are a creative duo based in Zurich, Switzerland | Photography, Film & Art Direction

In Paris with Tissot

Photography by Moritz Lips. Written by Oliver Lips.

Last Sunday Moritz and I hopped bright and early (a bit too early for a Sunday though) on the TGV Lyria bound for Paris. We arrived there four hours later as we had been invited by Tissot to watch the finale of the Tour de France.

As the official timekeeper Tissot had their seating area right at the Champs Élysées where the cyclists would race by on their way to the Arc de Triomphe. From there they would ride around it, head back onto the Champs Élysées and drive all the way to the Louvre where they would turn again and head back up. And even though we had quite prominent seats we would only see them a couple of seconds rushing by, followed by a caravan of cars. I was truly astonished that they could keep up the high pace for such a long time.

Once the race had finished and the winners had been awarded in a huge ceremony, we made our way to Matignon for dinner. Following a delicious meal (and a couple of glasses of wine) there was yet another highlight awaiting us; Also located on the Champs Élysées is the Lido de Paris. It’s a mix between show, dance, singing, acrobatics, comedy and even ice-skating – all stirred with a hint of French sex appeal.
Normally I’m not such a big fan of circuses or shows in general, but I seriously liked this one – be it the dizziness of having been up for 20 hours with only a couple of hours of sleep the previous night, the ever flowing champagne or the partial nudity – who knows.

Filled with loads of impressions from that day I happily passed out in my hotel room. Thanks for having us Tissot!

I am wearing:

Etro Shirt
Gant Trousers
Sebago Loafers
Tissot PRC 200 Tour de France 2016 Watch
VIU Sunglasses