Lips Brothers


The Lips Brothers, Moritz and Oliver, are a creative duo based in Zurich, Switzerland | Photography, Film & Art Direction

Look 171. Dreamy Autumn Days

Photography by Moritz Lips. Written by Oliver Lips.

I find one of the most beautiful seasons of the year is autumn. There’s a slight melancholy from saying goodbye to summer, but the change in colors, the drop in temperatures that makes you stay in and cozy up, rather than go out and the fact that you finally get to wear coats, jackets, sweaters and boots again, make it easier to let go. Of course it is also a time to reflect and – with slight astonishment mixed with a portion of fear – realize that there are only two more months left in 2016. Where did the time go?
On the upside Moritz and I were able to finalize lots of new projects, some of which we haven’t published yet, others that you already saw over the last couple of weeks and we’re continuing to plan the remaining months of this year while already having an outlook for what’s to come next year.

We’ve also been kind of held up last week with the preparations of our Halloween Party that took place last Friday. Let’s just say that all guests turned up in costume, there was plenty of alcohol, spooky Halloween décor, great music and the police showing up at 3 AM. From my perspective definitively a success (apart from the aftermath the following day). Unfortunately, I don’t have a photo of my costume (Anton Chigurh from No Country For Old Men) or Moritz’ (Septa Unella from Game of Thrones), since they all turned out pretty blurry, but it’s the memories that count anyway! How did you spend your Halloween and as what or who did you dress up?

On another note, here you see two of my favorite items for fall and winter: the cashmere sweater and checked coat. The sweater is from the young Swedish ecommerce brand Asket. We have been receiving their products for quite some time now and they never cease to amaze in quality and pricing, but check it out for yourself.
The coat, besides from keeping warm of course, makes for a great and somewhat dramatic appearance due to its length. Not only have I been wearing it in a more elegant way, but I also love to dress it down with a pair of jeans and sneakers.

I am wearing:

HUGO Coat, Trousers and Double-Monk
Asket Cashmere Sweater