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The Lips Brothers, Moritz and Oliver, are a creative duo based in Zurich, Switzerland | Photography, Film & Art Direction

An Arctic Experience With Samsung

Photography by Moritz Lips. Written by Oliver Lips

For our last trip in 2016 Moritz and I joined a trip to Finland together with Samsung. A country I hadn’t been before, but already heard a lot of great things about.

We didn’t get to see much of Helsinki in the daylight, as it was already darkening when we flew in over it and was pitch-black when we arrived at the hotel at around 4 PM. Nonetheless we equipped ourselves with the Gear 360 camera, and thermals, and headed out into the cold to discover the city. Helsinki has a very Russian influence when it comes to architecture, but sometimes also reminded me of Stockholm. It also struck me as if it has a vivid bar and restaurant scene as we saw all those cool, seemingly new, places. As we wandered around town we ended up at the famous Uspenski Cathedral. From there we walked back to the hotel and passed by the Allas Sea Pool where tough Finns take a dip in 2°-degree cold water (I was just freezing watching them). In the evening, we went out for dinner, but didn’t stay too long as we had to catch an early morning flight to Rovaniemi.

Arriving in Rovaniemi at around 10 AM, the sun slowly started rising. Straight from the airport we then headed to the Santa Clause Village, changed into our snow suits and mounted the snowmobiles. The tour was amazing as it led through the woods and out to the snow-covered fields. After we had experienced Kings Landing in Dubrovnik it definitively felt like we ended up north of The Wall (a Game of Thrones reference for all the non-nerds). Despite the bitter coldness it was a great place to take 360-degree pictures and videos. You can simply connect your Samsung device to the Gear 360 and see everything live on your screen. Later you can edit the material and watch it with your Gear VR.

Since it already darkened at 2 PM we spent the afternoon indoors, hanging out (and drinking) with our friends and fellow Swiss bloggers Minea, Nives, Anja and Liridon. Of course the sauna just couldn’t miss and since we had one in our room I took a sauna before getting ready for dinner. The next day it was unfortunately already time to say goodbye to Finland.

It was definitively an impressive trip as I had never been so far up north, but I can’t deny that the lack of daylight had an impact on my mood, even though we were only there for two nights.

I will for sure come back some day and in the meantime I can relive the experience on my Gear VR watching the videos and pictures we took with the Gear 360 – how futuristic!


Moritz is wearing the Ryan Bomber Jacket and wool hat from PeakPerformance.

Entrance to the Arctic Wilderness Lodge, Rovaniemi, at 9 AM.

Entrance to the Arctic Wilderness Lodge, Rovaniemi, at 9 AM.


Oliver is wearing the PeakPerformance Ragnar jacket, Goldwin wool hat and POC ski goggles.

The star of this trip: Samsung Gear 360.

Wearing the  Leo roll neck sweater  from PeakPerformance.

Wearing the Leo roll neck sweater from PeakPerformance.

Helsinki & Rovaniemi, Finland
25th to 27th November 2016

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