Lips Brothers


The Lips Brothers, Moritz and Oliver, are a creative duo based in Zurich, Switzerland | Photography, Film & Art Direction

Best Of 2016

Photography by Moritz Lips. Written by Oliver Lips

Somewhere along Christmas with the family, our beloved Dansk Julefrokost (Danish Christmas Lunch) with friends, lack of work and therefore motivation, Moritz and I took a little break from the blog and social media. We didn't feel the creative energies flowing as usual and instead of creating content for the sake of "just posting something" we did the absolute minimum. This sentence found on a recent 9GAG Facebook post pretty much sums it up: "That space between Christmas and New Year’s where you don't know what day it is, who you are or what you're supposed to be doing. Yeah I'm there."

Doing what we do and no one telling us what to do or when to do it per se, it can be challenging at times to motivate yourself. Seeing that everything slows down over the holidays we took our chance to retrieve, fill up our energy and get a positive mindset for the year ahead of us!

2016 has been an amazing journey and we are truly grateful for all the experiences we got to live and for the people we met. But instead of just ranting on about the past year in a nostalgic text we'll leave you with our best-of pictures as well as our year in numbers.

And now we wish you a very Happy New Year from the both of us. Thank you for reading, commenting, following and liking our stuff and we cannot wait to share even more from the "Lips Brothers" world in 2017!


Not including the photos taken with the cell phone or other cameras, we shot 22'477 pictures in 366 days with our regular DSLR. That's 61 photos per day.


Oliver posted 378 pictures on his Instagram account and Moritz 128. Here are Oliver's best nine and here Moritz' best nine photos published.


We published 59 blog posts from January to December.


On our 26 flights to 9 countries, Moritz and I each covered a distance of 43'500 kilometers this year, meaning we circled the entire earth once.