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The Lips Brothers, Moritz and Oliver, are a creative duo based in Zurich, Switzerland | Photography, Film & Art Direction

Made Of Lucerne - Carl F. Bucherer's City Guide to Lucerne

Photography by the Lips Brothers. Written by Oliver Lips.

It is funny how we sometimes don't know the cities closest to our home. There are plenty of beautiful places in Switzerland I haven't had the chance to properly discover, one of those being the picturesque Lucerne by the Vierwaldstätter lake. Next to the Kappell (chapel) bridge it is very known among tourist from the whole world for their watches. Almost everywhere, yes even on the bridge, you can buy a Swiss watch. A watch brand that has called Lucerne its home since 1888 is Carl F. Bucherer. It origins from the prestigious watch and jewelry retailer Bucherer that we have previously worked with, too, but has been an independent brand since the early 2000's.

The relaunch of Carl F. Bucherer not only included a new website, but with it also their City Guide to Lucerne with selected places, hotels, restaurants and bars. In celebration of their new «Made of Lucerne» campaign they invited Moritz and I to discover some of the most iconic places in Lucerne with a stop at the impressive Bucherer flagship store to select one of their precious timepieces that would accompany us throughout the day.

Oliver is wearing the Carl F. Bucherer Manero Peripheral watch.

After a cup of coffee with gorgeous views of Lucerne and the mountains rising behind, we headed to the flagship store and picked up two Carl F. Bucherer Manero watches for the day. We then crossed the Kappell bridge and took a short cab-ride to the Château Gütsch from where you have a breath-taking view over Lucerne.
Afterwards we headed back down to have a delicious steak-lunch at Ampersand. Well fed we then joined a guided tour around town with some of the most iconic spots such as the KKL Center of Culture, Lion Monument and the Spreuer bridge.
Soon again it was time to board the train and leave for Zurich... Until next time, Lucerne!

Moritz is wearing the Carl F. Bucherer Manero Flyback watch.

This post was created in collaboration with Carl F. Bucherer. All opinions are our own.