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Visual travel diary from New Zealand. #LipsBrothersNZ

New Zealand | Aotearoa

Photography by Moritz Lips
February 2014 to January 2015

At the start of 2014 I left Switzerland to go on a working holiday adventure in New Zealand. After some getting used to being on the other side of the world (and buying a car) I traveled north of Auckland and then headed back down towards Wellington. I settled in Wellington after having been on the road for 7 weeks to work and live, which eventually left me staying there for 8 whole months until Oliver and a friend of ours joined me to travel the South Island.
I quickly discovered the great variation in landscape that these two islands hold. From sand dunes that leave you thinking you're in the desert to great mountain ranges, endless beaches, glaciers, volcanoes, great plains, ancient rainforests and almost any terrain you can imagine. Of course I always carried my camera with me and shot a great deal of photos during that time, some of which you can see here.
Aside from the landscape one has to mention the locals whom I've always experienced as incredibly friendly and open minded people and never failed to make me feel welcome.

After one full year, failed attempts of visa extension and eventually over extending my visa for a couple of days I unfortunately had to leave New Zealand. It was an amazing experience in every way and I can only recommend it to anyone who has a chance to do the same.

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