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Oliver Lips
Swiss & Danish


At the end of 2012 I created the blog lips2lagerfeld.com out of love for fashion and curiosity to this new online world, called the «blogosphere». What started out as a simple style blog has meanwhile evolved into the lips-brothers.com where we still share looks, write about travels, post inspiring photographies or other things we believe are interesting to our readers, but also where we present our work. It was time to take down the wall between lips2lagerfeld.com and lips-brothers.com and combine both websites into one. That way it seems more real, more us and we are able to pack together all that is important and inspiring to us!

There is no doubt that I couldn't have done it without my brother Moritz who turned from skeptical to one of my biggest supporters! He takes most of the pictures for the blog and together we like to try new techniques and different styles - both behind and in front of the camera. To us, producing quality content is the most important thing!

Through blogging and the hundreds of photos that resulted from it I was lucky enough to establish a small modeling career and am currently being represented by Option Model in Zurich and Elite Milano. It is something I can easily combine while running the blog and that also allows me to meet even more amazing people, but if I had to choose I am a blogger above all.


Moritz Lips
Swiss & Danish


I was always drawn to the world of imagery but was mainly interested in filmmaking when I was younger. I went on to work at a production company in Zurich and got the chance to briefly visit Los Angeles, to work at a distribution company for a month. It was when Oliver started his blog and after alot of inital skepticism that photography slowly grew into a great passion of mine. In February 2014 I wanted to experience something new and left home for a longer period of time. I went on to live and work in New Zealand where I not only experienced spectacular natural sights, but also met awesome people and bonded with the New Zealand culture. In the beginning of 2015 I was asked to work on an amazing project documenting the removal of exotic fish from Indonesia's coral reefs for the aquarium fish trade, which took me around large parts of Central & North Sulawesi. Back in Zurich again I am driven to pursue photography as a potential career and work together with my brother on future projects.

The world we present to you on this website and our social medias may seem flawless, but we want you to bare in mind that not everything is the way it seems... And though we’re happy with what we do and who we are, we all have our moments of doubt and insecurity - in the end we are all human.