Lips Brothers


The Lips Brothers, Moritz and Oliver, are a creative duo based in Zurich, Switzerland | Photography, Film & Art Direction

Moritz (1994) and Oliver Lips (1992)

Moritz (1994) and Oliver Lips (1992)


This is Lips Brothers 3.0 – after Oliver started his first blog in 2013, we re-designed the website entirely in 2015 and henceforward continued as «Lips Brothers». But the direction in which blogging evolved itself isn't something we're interested in anymore, so we re-designed the website once more to be part portfolio, part blog - simply a creative space to showcase our work and share our stories. As a creative duo our focus is on photography and film and the art direction for most of our projects.

Over the past few years working together so closely, we built a connection other than the one we share as brothers - ideas, opinions and values are synchronous.


Since 2015 we have also engaged in the family-owned furniture store Wohnhilfe in Zurich. The traditional furniture store dating back to 1945 has received a complete re-branding by us in August 2017 and we continue to create all digital and marketing strategies including the website and social media channels.

Building on that, we co-founded the content production agency Curate in 2018. With a strong focus on social media we produce videos and photos that fit all formats in the digital space.


We honestly don’t know how we ended up doing what we do, because we both come from completely different backgrounds (work-wise that is of course). A big part from our inspiration derives from our travels and the people we meet to help us grow and keep an open mind. Perhaps it is even a pathfinder or at least a compass to help us walk in the right direction and find out what it really is that we want.

Is this the last change this website is going to see? Probably not. Do we know where we’ll be in five years? Absolutely not. Are we happy with what we’re doing? Yes! But make no mistake, the world we present to you on this website and our social medias may seem flawless, but not everything is the way it seems... We all have our moments of doubt and insecurity – it’s what we learn from these moments that shape us.

Moritz and Oliver Lips. Photo by  Karina Ordell .

Moritz and Oliver Lips. Photo by Karina Ordell.

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